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"Movie" Official Music Video release

"My influence from surrealist filmmakers like Lynch and Fellini as well as inspiration from Bulgakov's Master and Margarita was definitely what drove this video to become what it is; it was particularly easy to reflect that weirdcore mephistophelian Russian essence, as I filmed in Moscow where my state of mind always becomes even more unstable. I inscribed some scenes from my upcoming novel into the video but I did aim to point out artistic dehumanisation and the state of music industry in modern pop too. I actually got this music video crowdfunded with IndieGogo which I'm so grateful for and it will stay forever with me as my first experience on set.

-Cast - Anna Akopyan Vasili Kolin Alena Pavlova Irina Shapovalova Irina Holodova Daria Galyamina

Makeup & Hair Artist - Anna Letova Styled by - Anna Akopyan Written and directed by Anna Akopyan and Edikart. Music by Anna Akopyan (ya)